Monday, July 11, 2011

Caught in a Catch-22

“When I was in transition, and even now, I was caught in a Catch-22. I couldn't afford a cell phone without a good job. But, I couldn't get a job without a reliable phone number. If you've been in transition then you already know that sometimes getting your messages can be a challenge. I know for myself it was impossible to get my messages while I am was living in a shelter and there was no privacy.

When I finally received my Community Voice Mail number that all changed. So, here is a list of how my voicemail has helped me out:

Jobs: Not only did I get messages from potential employers, but I got voicemail broadcast messages from my community case manager, letting me know about job fairs in the area.

Personal Calls: Some of you may know how alone you can feel when you are in transition, or when you are struggling to get by. When I was feeling lonely or stressed out, it felt so good to check my messages, and to hear someone saying that they were thinking of me, or that they would like to meet up. I remember those calls, and calls telling me to hang in there. Those gave me hope when it seemed like the world was rooting against me.

Doctor's appointments: I felt good to have my own phone number to give to the doctor's office. This way, the doctor's receptionist could reach me directly, confidentially, and I didn't have to worry about them having to leave a message with the shelter receptionist.

Believe me, when I was lacking so much and had already lost so much, it felt good to have a piece of something to call my own, and to make me feel like a whole human being again. Although I am more stable now and working to climb up from being in transition I still use my Community Voice Mail number for all of these reasons as my permanent, reliable phone number. ”

My name is Terrah, and I will be sharing with you ways that my Community Voice Mail phone number has helped me, and I will be sharing tips on how it could help you as well. It might seem like a small thing, but having a phone number gives hope, and that hope can be the seed for so much growth in your life recovery. I hope you continue to read my post, and I wish you well in your journey. These lilies represent the fact that within the seeds of one form of life, rises the beauty of a new form of life.

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